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Migrating from Exclaimer Mail Archiver

Support for Exclaimer Mail Archiving is ending. Find out how Cryoserver can help you migrate to a brilliant alternative solution.

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How Cryoserver Can Help

Support for Exclaimer Mail Archiver ends soon

Cryoserver and Exclaimer are technology partners. Our Cryoserver team know the Exclaimer team very well and work closely with them. Many Cryoserver customers use Exclaimer Signature Manager. So you’re in safe hands here.

Like to know how we can help you migrate from your Exclaimer Mail Archiver to our best-of-breed solution? Book a Webex with the Cryoserver-Exclaimer Migration Team – and remember to ask us about our special pricing for Exclaimer customers.

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Who we are

¿Por qué Cryoserver?

Cryoserver solutions are distributed to an international audience covering more than 27+ countries. We are proud to work across all industry sectors with leading and highly respected clients. These include NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations, blue chips, household names, local & national governments, critical infrastructure providers, charities, education, financial services and law firms.

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How migrating to Cryoserver works

We can help you migrate your data out of Exclaimer Mail Archiver and into our solution.

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Migration Deal

Discounted Pricing for
Exclaimer Customers

If you migrate from Email Archiver to Cryoserver before a specific date, you can save money. For full details and to ask any questions you might have, book a Webex with the Cryoserver-Exclaimer Migration Team.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Who are Cryoserver?

We are email archiving specialists and have been for the past 20 years.
We are focused on constantly improving our solution and keeping customers happy with our knowledgeable, effective and highly-acclaimed Support Team.

Why migrate from Exclaimer Mail Archiver?

Exclaimer have announced the end of life of their Mail Archiver solutions. There is now an urgent need for Exclaimer customers to migrate their data over to an alternative. Exclaimer are recommending Cryoserver as a replacement. If you migrate from Email Archiver to Cryoserver before 31 March 2022, you can save money with both Exclaimer and Cryoserver. Get in touch with us for more information about these savings.

Have other Exclaimer Customers migrated?

The Cryoserver team have helped Exclaimer customers migrate from both the Mail Archiver on-premises solution and the Mail Archiver cloud solution.

Is there a cost associated with migrating?

Just sign up as a Cryoserver customer and our migration experts will help you with the implementation. Please get in touch with us for a price.

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  • Prueba gratuita de 14 días
  • Fácil instalación y migración
  • Excelente apoyo
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