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2020 Round-Up

Well, this year has been unusual, hasn't it? I wonder how many emails in your Cryoserver archive start something like "Hope you're keeping well in these unprecedented times . . ."

Cryoserver has been fortunate. 2020 has been good to us in a number of ways:

Keeping our Momentum

Whilst the pandemic has slowed down many businesses, we're grateful to have been able to progress with developing our product, to continue selling and to keep signing up new customers.

We're adding enhancements to Cryoserver (more about this in the new year). We've recruited additional personnel for DevOps, testing, operations and support. And we're doing more testing than we've ever done. Also, you might have noticed that we've overhauled our website -- it has lots of helpful new posts and customer stories.

Voted Top 10 by our Partners

For the second year running, we've won a Top 10 Cloud/SaaS vendor award at Britain's Reseller Choice Awards. Even better, we moved up from 10th place last year to 5th in 2020.

We're the only email archiving provider in the Top 10, a group which includes global leaders such as AWS and Microsoft. Thank you to our partners for voting for us.

12% growth in customers

Welcome to the organisations who've migrated to us this year. We've seen a 12% annual growth, with new customers coming from a wide range of sectors -- accountancy, other financial services, government, manufacturing, pharma, and sports business.

Migration to our Cloud Platform

Our biggest challenge of 2020 has been helping businesses migrate from on-premise Cryoserver to our cloud platform, and we've scaled up to cater for this mass migration. Four customers per month, on average, are migrating.

Praise for our Support Team

Our Support Desk deserve credit for continuing to deliver, despite the huge challenges of the global pandemic. Their commitment and hard work have inspired me and our customers and partners.

One customer who recently switched from Mimecast to us says: "Cryoserver support has been really good. A simple process. No tricks, no hidden agendas."

A partner in Switzerland says: "Their knowledge is very deep and very good. Reaction time is good."

And a South Africa government customer said our support was some of the best they'd ever received.

Email Usage is Booming

According to Statista.com roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020. (The figure is expected to increase to over 361.6 billion mails per day by 2024.)

During the pandemic, we've seen:

  • A 70% increase in average email size, from 200KB to 345KB
  • A 10% increase in volume of emails archived
    A pandemic productivity tool

Interestingly, we've noticed an increase in daily use of Cryoserver during the pandemic. Privileged Users are logging in to their colleagues' mailboxes more frequently. Perhaps this is so that other employees can continue the conversations their absent co-workers started -- to find out, say, what their colleague promised a customer. Our search tool makes this easy.
Reassurance about Brexit

Regardless of the outcome of UK-EU negotiations, deal or no deal, Cryoserver is well placed. We have a foot in Ireland and a foot in the UK. So our European customers who trade with our Ireland office can continue to do so. At the same time, our UK customers can carry on dealing with our London HQ. Rest assured, your Cryoserver data will not be affected by the Brexit outcome.

GDPR Changes

With our departure from the EU, GDPR no longer applies in the UK -- but the following is worth noting: "The government has said that it intends to incorporate the GDPR into UK data protection law from the end of the transition period -- so in practice there will be little change to the core data protection principles, rights and obligations found in the GDPR." Find out more at ico.org.uk

Have a happy Christmas and brilliant New Year

My team and I are looking forward to helping you in 2021, when you can expect to see Cryoserver enhancements and our expansion into new regions. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas, and let's hope next year is a better one for all of us.

Robin Bingeman
Managing Director

December 2020


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