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What has been the impact of GDPR on Cryoserver customers?

Market responses to GDPR

Leading up to and post GDPRwe have seen many of our Cryoserver email archiving customers carry out essential internal audits on their data processes to have a fuller understanding on sensitive (personal identifiable information) data they hold on their systems.

Within our client base, we saw the rise of GDPR experts and Data Protection Officers being recruited, lawyers being commissioned to update legal agreements and data privacy statements to re-publish them on their website clearly explaining to customers how and how long, they are retaining and looking after customer sensitive data. 

Cryoserver’s own data privacy policy can be found here.

How long should keep my email?

Over the past 12 months, we continue to be posed the question, “How long should I keep my email for?” To help answer this question, we have created a dedicated web page for this question here and we have also supplemented with a new essential guide to email retention.

How does Cryoserver help with GDPR Compliance?

To help Cryoserver customers meet GDPR requirements, we have extended the Cryoserver solution with additional functionality to action Right to be Forgotten requests easily.

When faced with data delete (Right to be Forgotten) requests, Cryoserver enhanced our existing ‘Audited delete’ function to enable our users to effortlessly find and delete relevant customer data quickly and present back to the data subject, a confirmation that all their relevant data have been deleted from the archive and also from the users mailboxes, in the form of audit trails, confirming the completed action. 

If you need any help on GDPR, please contact our team.


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